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Our PYRATEX® active fabrics are made with a recycled nylon or recycled polyester.


More than 50% of the materials that compose our recycled nylon fiber are pre-consumer waste: these materials could not be reused in any other way: they would end up as waste.


This fiber is sustainably recycled through a process called MCS; a more direct mechanical regeneration system, which does not make use of chemical materials that, otherwise, would compromise the reduced environmental impact of the final product.


Decrease in the consumption of fibers derived from oil


Each KG of our recycled nylon fiber saves:

100 liters of diesel

45% less CO2 emissions

39% less water consumption


EVERY 10 KG OF our recycled nylon fiber reduces:

• CO2 equivalent to 4000 led lights turned on for one hour

• Water equivalent to consuming 100 bottles

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