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Benefits of seaweed

Our most popular fabric range, PYRATEX® seacell, is made from seaweed fiber, which has a plethora of benefits for the skin, such as being anti-irritation and antibacterial, as well as being super breathable. Below, we sourced the most curious facts about seaweed.

There are over 12, 000 varieties of seaweed, all of which are essential to marine life. Seaweed is a free-floating alga that provides both food and habitat to innumerable species that dwell in the ocean.

Around 70% of the worlds entire oxygen supply originates from seaweed as it captures and stores an extremely high percentage of carbon dioxide. Co2 has an acidifying effect on seawater and seaweed absorbs this acidity. In comparison, rainforests give us 28% of our oxygen. For this reason, scientists think seaweed could be one of the keys to combatting climate change.

Moreover, scientists are researching ways that seaweed used as a bio-fuel of the future, as well as being able to be used for bio-plastics that can biodegrade without releasing microplastics.

Seaweed is infamous for its health-giving properties both inside and outside the skin. For example, people in Ireland have been taking seaweed baths for generations and you can still find Seaweed Bath Houses there, especially in Western Ireland. Japan is well famed for the health of its citizens, due largely in part to the high seaweed content of their diets. It is also a great protein source for vegetarians and vegans.

Similarly, scientists have found that seaweed has anti-tumour and anti-viral properties, the ancient Romans used it to treat burn wounds, rashes and other skin aliments.

Growing seaweed is an environmentally friendly process. It does not require food or fertilizer, as long as it is in clean water it grows naturally- as well as providing healthy nursery grounds for fry and breaking down environmental pollutants. Furthermore, seaweed grows very fast, some 30x faster than land-based plants. All these aspects make it great from a sustainability perspective.

There you have it; not only is seaweed highly beneficial for the natural environment, you can eat, wear and bathe in it. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

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