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OUR PRODuction

We are committed to being good for the planet, as well as our bodies. 

To ensure this, we look at the different steps of our GOTS, GRS and OCS certified production chain, to use the most responsible processes possible.

We only work with natural, upcycled or degradable fibers. Among our responsible natural materials are regenerative Kapok, FSC certified European wood and carbon-neutral Atlantic seaweed. Sourcing and producing responsibility led us to also work with Regenerative fibers, ensuring that the global impact of our materials is a positive one, through which both planet and society are benefitted.



All of our PYRATEX® range can be dyed using reactive dyes, in a process that allows us to recycle the water used. ​In reactive dyes, covalent bonds are formed with cellulose fibers. Such bonds give high fastness and show better comparative durability against light and washing. We finish our fabrics with water vapour instead of chemicals to ensure the properties are preserved in the final fabric.

our dyes & finishing process



As a company, we are GOTS, OCS and GRS certified. We also work with a number of certifications in our factories, processes and fibers, including GOTS, OEKO TEX, Bluesign, FCS or PEFC.

We produce our PYRATEX® fabrics locally in Europe, in order to ensure the strongest control of our productions, and proximity to our clients’ garment factories in order to ensure a CO2 impact reduction.


We have also developped our PYRATEX® impact passports. Last year, we saved 7M liters of water and 180kg of CO2 - the equivalent to 2.5 Olympic pools and 20 bus trips.






our sustainable development goals

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