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These uniquely soft, comfortable fabrics have anti bacterial, antiperspirant and thermoregulating properties, as well as a superior breathability.

They are made with Oekotex certified bamboo grown in China, in their entirety or blended with seaweed fiber as is the case of PYRATEX® freshness 2. 


There are over 700 bamboo species in the world, but only CI-BAMBOO can be made into textile bamboo fiber: it is grown organically, without chemical pesticides, in the Sichuan province.


Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and can grow as much as 3 feet overnight, making it a fast growing, renewable resource.


Because the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, garments made from Bamboo are 1 - 2ºC lower than others, and can rapidly absorb and evaporate sweat.

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bio-based fiber

Anti Bacterial Text.png

Eliminates bad bacteria in our skin thanks to the bamboo fiber, preventing skin infections and bad odor

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40+ UPF

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Superior Breathability Text.png

Refreshing fabric and high water vapour permeability

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