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vegetal regenerative wool

Kapok fiber is our vegetal regenerative replacement for traditional wool, applied to PYRATEX® tropic I fabric in collaboration with Lenzing, Flocus, Marchi&Fildi and Studio MLR.  


The flowers grow on trees from non-agricultural land in Indonesia without any kind of human intervention, requiring no irrigation, fertilization, pesticides nor insecticides. The harvesting process is manual and done by local farmers; other than that the tree remains untouched and continues to regenerate the eco-system.















































Kapok flowers are filled with extraordinarily hollow fibers covered by a wax film, which makes them highly isolating and hydrophobic. The silky soft fibers are also hypoallergenic, with anti bacterial and anti moth properties that are ideal for sensitive skins.

Kapok is one of our regenerative fibers, meaning it preserves soil health, animal wildlife and local social fairness.

Learn more about our regenerative fibers program here.

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bio-based fiber

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