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Regina is the Founder and Ceo of PYRATEX®. She leads our team, establishing the strategic course we take to keep growing daily, making sure PYRATEX® continues to be at the forefront of responsible textiles. Together with Regina, the PYRATEX® team is divided into different departments with experts in different fields who all work aligned towards our goals. 


The Business Development team adapts to the different markets our clients are based in and accompanies them in finding the right PYRATEX® fabrics for their collections. From selecting fabric, checking stock, and writing quotes with lead times, to following up during and after Production, they are your guide to your personalized PYRATEX® production on demand.


Led by two fashion designers, the PYRATEX® Studio team is dedicated to garment development using our PYRATEX® fabrics, including design support, technical data development, pattern making, samples and quality controls.


Brand & Communication handles the creative communicative part of PYRATEX®. The team offers client communication support, and social media updates of graphic design proficiency, all to give our clients the best advice so they can adapt the PYRATEX® story to their own brand identity. And by working together with brands we are also making sure that the end consumer is receiving the correct information.


Our R&D and Production team is responsible for researching and developing innovative fabrics that are durable, scalable and which respond to market demand. The team ensures our fabrics' smooth production, delivery and high-level quality.


The Finance, Legal and Operations teams assist other departments in the company's daily performance. These activities can range from the logistics of stock and swatches, cost controlling, IT and HR responsibilities to defining and implementing strategies to protect PYRATEX® Intellectual Property.

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