Bringing the power of nature to performance wear, PYRATEX® power introduces the functionality of synthetic fabrics in an all-natural, wood-based renewable fiber sourced from sustainably managed European forests.


These fabrics embrace the body's every shape in a functional, skin caring embrace. Their contour-fitting behaviour, along with its anti bacterial, anti irritation and water absorption properties, make these refreshing fabric specifically ideal for sensitive skins and sportswear garments.

Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified, the fiber in our PYRATEX® power fabrics originates and are produced in Austria: they are renewable, wood-based fibers, developed with various tree species, including eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch and beech. All of the trees used to produce our fibers are grown in natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, without any kind of chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation.

Close to 100% of the wood and pulp is FSC® or PEFCTM certified. The resulting fibers are fully biodegradable under soil and marine conditions, as well as compostable, and the water scarcity impact is 1.7 times lower than that of generic viscose fibers.

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bio-based fiber

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Anti Bacterial Text.png

Eliminates bad bacteria in our skin, preventing skin infections and bad odor

Superior Breathability Text.png

Allows for a superior skin comfort

Fiber is proven to be compatible with human skin cells (keratinocytes)

Anti Irritation Text.png
Water Absorption Text.png

100% more absorbent than synthetic fibers, 50% more than cotton

Quick Dry Text.png

Will keep you more comfortable and dry when working out than more conventional fabrics

Refreshing fabric

Cooling Effect Text.png
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