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PYRATEX® circ is a fabric made from post-industrial waste in collaboration with fiber innovator Circ.


The breakthrough technology allows the recycling of PolyCotton blends by separating the 2 fibers, employing a new technique of hydrothermal reaction to separate the cotton cellulose from polyester. The recovered cellulose waste is converted into Lyocell (replacing the conventionally used wood pulp in the process). The obtained PET chips are used for Polyester production, resulting in 100% recycled fibres from textiles. Both fibers are then developed into yarns and knitted into a PYRATEX® fabric.


The technology developed by Circ allows the recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial fabric waste, effectively addressing the largest waste stream in textiles, which is polyester and cotton blends. It’s estimated that the annual PolyCotton production represents over 40 million tons per year.


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