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Our PYRATEX® core fabric is the perfect stepping stone for those brands looking to switch from high-performance synthetic fabrics to natural ones.

It is a form-fitting fabric that blends organic cotton and recycled elastane made fully from reclaimed synthetic waste, produced in Brazil, Vietnam and China.


The 100% recycled and GRS certified polyester fiber waste is collected and treated in a conventional way to remove the impurities and after being cut into smaller sizes and dissolved, following the same process as with regular spandex.


Our recycled elastane fiber brings down CO2 emissions by two-thirds, when compared to production of virgin spandex. It is GRS, HIGGS MSI and OEKO-TEX certified and it is also in the process of obtaining a material health certificate under the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard.

The organic cotton in PYRATEX® core 1 sustains the health of soil, ecosystems and people by using natural processes that benefit the environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved.

Compared to regular cotton, organic cotton reduces field emissions from fertilizer, energy use, and needs less irrigation.

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bio-based fiber

Superior Breathability Text.png

Cotton fiber is highly breathable

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Cotton fiber is smooth and prevents skin irritation

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