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PYRATEX® element fabrics are built with the most unique fibres in the textile industry.

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PYRATEX® element 1 is made with nettle that grows wild in the mountain forests of the Himalayas. It is a breathable, soft jersey fabric that helps maintain biodiversity and social fairness.

The tough nettle stalk constitutes the raw fiber from which our textile fiber is extracted. The harvesting of the nettle fiber provides workplaces, supporting local farmers with an additional income. A growing number of farmers and harvesters are women. This makes these women the economic decision-makers and nurturers.

PYRATEX® element family is created with banana agri-waste from food industry banana trees.

Banana agri-waste fiber is naturally absorbent, biodegradable, and allergen-free with an overall low impact on the environment as the banana plant can grow on the same spot year after year. It also needs little water and requires no fertilisers or pesticides in order to grow. It also allows local farmers to have an additional income stream. 

There is a long tradition in India of burning agricultural waste: when harvesting the banana tree, leaves and trunks are burned. This produces a high CO2 level, released into the atmosphere. However, by using the banana agri-waste as fiber, PYRATEX® avoids CO2 emissions that have a negative impact on the environment.



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