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PYRATEX® is the solution you were looking for. We are more than a textile suppliers, we are innovators.

Because innovation sparks many questions, here’s a few answers that might help you get to know us better.


1. What is PYRATEX®?

PYRATEX® is the way to a better future. We are a textile supplier: we research innovative fibers to develop functional knit fabrics. The fibers we use are ground-breakingly natural, regenerative or recycled. The properties in our fabrics come from the fiber itself, and are tested by independent European institutes.

2. Where is PYRATEX® based?

PYRATEX® is based in Madrid, Spain. We produce in Italy, Spain and Portugal, and have recently started doing so in Mexico for our America-based clients.

3. What does PYRATEX® offer?

We are textile suppliers. However, R&D is the core of everything we do which is why we keep expanding our PYRATEX® range with new fibers. Producing locally and providing traceability is our goal so if you are looking to move your production of finished garments to Europe, we can help doing so. 

Because we know how important it is for you to communicate the PYRATEX® ingredient in the best way possible, we will support you in explaining it to your clients and integrating the PYRATEX® story into your own. Click here to find out more.

4. Do I need to buy a certain minimum?

One of the fundamentals of a responsible production is avoiding waste and committing to high MOQs. However, we understand how it is when you are a new brand or project just starting out. Therefore we made it possible to buy PYRATEX® from just one meter for prototyping before a bulk order! For productions of the color of your choosing, our MOQ’s range between 50 and 300 meters, depending on the fabric.

5. What are your lead times?

Lead times for bulk orders range from 5 to 12 weeks, depending on the fabrics and order date.

6. How do I join the PYRATEX® team?

We post all our job openings on Fashionjobs - have a look, and apply if you feel you fit what we're looking for! 

how to get
your pyratex®

1. Where are PYRATEX® fabrics available? And who can buy them?

PYRATEX® is a B2B company, supplying its fabrics worldwide. We supply them to fashion brands, R&D and innovation-focused companies.

2. How do I buy PYRATEX® fabrics?

Please fill in our                        : the more specific you can be about target price, quantities and structure, the better. We will take it from there.

3. Do you provide manufacturing services?


If your company would like to launch a production of our fabrics, but don’t have a garment manufacturer to work with, we might be able to recommend you one.

more about
pyratex® fabrics

1. What type of fabrics do you sell?

PYRATEX® are high-quality and traceable fabrics, made in circular knitting machines with bio-based and/or recycled fibers.

2. What properties do your fabrics have? How are these proven?

Our PYRATEX® have functional properties that come from the fiber. We test our fabrics with European textile institutes to make sure the properties are still there at the end.

These are the properties you can find in our fabrics:

  • Anti bacterial

  • Cooling effect

  • Free radical elimination

  • UV protection

  • Skincare

  • Quick dry

  • Water absorption

  • Anti irritation

  • Warmth retention

  • Negative ions emission

  • IR radiation reflection 

3. Where does the cotton in your PYRATEX® upcycled fabrics come from?

Our upcycled cotton comes from post industrial cotton textile waste, and the yarn is produced in Spain. Now, with our PYRATEX® Re-Evolve program, we will upcycle post consumer cotton garments to produce new PYRATEX® upcycled fabrics.

4. What fibers do you work with?

We aim to replace synthetic materials with natural ones, better for our health, and better for the planet. Some of the innovative fibers we work with come from

  • A secret (it's patent-pending!) vegetal fiber

  • Kapok flowers

  • Wood

  • Abaca 

  • Nettle

  • Banana agriwaste

  • Seaweed

  • Bamboo

  • Cereal agriwaste

  • Upcycled cotton

Sustainability is a journey, and we know switching from synthetic fabrics to natural ones may be challenging. For this reason, our PYRATEX® active fabrics are made with recycled polyamide, and we also work with degradable elastane - a middle ground for those brands willing to start their sustainability journey. 

about our impact

1. How are you responsible?

We are committed to regenerating our planet. We develop fabrics in an environmentally-friendly process, with fibers which consume less water, energy and emit less CO2 during their production.

We also work with a number of certifications at the fiber, yarn and final fabric level, such as GRS, GOTS, Blue Sign or Oeko-Tex 100.

Click here for more information about our certifications.

We develop our PYRATEX® from scratch, which allows us to build the best production chain from the fiber to the final fabric. This makes our fabrics traceable, and we have recently developed fabric passports to measure their true impact.

A responsible fabrics is a durable one: we focus on making ours following high quality standards, ensuring good pilling, shrinkage, and colour fastness.

Only producing the amount our clients order allows us to avoid deadstock, and waste.

2. What dyes do you use?

We use reactive dyes. They create a bond with the fiber, making them very durable. Aside from using 90% less chemicals than fully synthetic dyeing, we recycle the water used in our dying process, reducing our impact to a minimum. For more information about our dying process, click here.


Compared to natural dyes, reactive dyes are more traceable and durable, which is why we prefer to use them.

3. Can you print on your fabrics?

As we work with natural fibers, we do not recommend printing on our fabrics: most printing methods involve chemicals, which remove the inherent properties of our PYRATEX® fabrics.

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