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The clothes you wear have an impact, and we can make it a positive one.

We are textile innovators.

We replace synthetic fabrics with natural, equally functional ones. Our PYRATEX® fabrics are made from plants with properties that take care of you, and we knit them in a way that preserves these properties in the final fabric. 

Better for our bodies, better for the planet.

Everyone is talking about sustainable fabrics. We do more.


We develop innovative fabrics with responsible natural, regenerative or recycled fibers, produce them locally and supply them to brands. 

Because we built our production chain from plant to fabric, it is a traceable process ensuring the lowest environmental impact: we are a GOTS, GRS and OCS certified textile supplier. 

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Everything starts with a plant


This is seaweed. It has amazing properties for our body, like anti irritation or free radical elimination.

We make the fiber, we make the yarn


We transform this plant from a fiber, into a yarn, following our PYRATEX® formula that results in a unique blend.

A new functional PYRATEX® fabric is knit 


We locally knit our PYRATEX® fabric in our specialised factories. 

It is a planet conscious process, with techniques like low impact dyes or water recycling. 

We know the plant’s properties are still in the final fabric because we test it with independent textile institutes.

Our PYRATEX® fabrics


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PYRATEX® freshness fiber.jpg
PYRATEX® freshness blanco.png
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PYRATEX® seacell blanco.png
PYRATEX® upcycled fiber (1).jpg
PYRATEX® upcycled (1).png
PYRATEX® bio fiber.jpg
PYRATEX® bio blanco.png
PYRATEX® power fiber.jpg
PYRATEX® power color blanco.png
PYRATEX® core elastane fiber_edited.png
PYRATEX® core blanco.png
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PYRATEX® element blanco.png
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PYRATEX® active blanco.png
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